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Tree Be Gone – Tree Removal in Ohio

As a child growing up in Central Ohio, I loved storms. The booming thunder and flashing lightening wasn’t anything more than a thrill to witness. Now as an adult I can understand why my parents were always bickering about “that tree” beside the cottage.

Our family has a cottage near Fredericktown, Ohio, on Knox Lake. It is surrounded by woods and views of the Appalachian Mountains. Gravel roads leading to our little piece of paradise were canopied by evergreens. Some are almost 60 feet tall and whistle in the wind.


A year ago my wife and I decided to spend our summer months working from the cottage. With covid mandates having us both out of the office and working from home, we saw this as the perfect opportunity. Why not spoil ourselves during the misery of the pandemic?

With my parents being too old to travel on their own up to the cottage and my brother and I attached to our jobs, the cottage had been neglected.

As we pulled up to the gravel road leading to the cottage we gasped. The forest was becoming one with our laneway! Branches were skimming the SUV as we passed through. Once we got to the cottage my wife looked at me with a look that only a husband would know… “Get me outta here, before I have a fit” eyes.

I assured her that I would be on the phone with the local tree removal company as soon as we got settled. The cottage had overgrown bushes across the front deck entryway, trees hovering over the roof and grass that looked like a field of weeds. Bugs were bad here naturally… Add in our lack of maintenance and it was a paradise of spiderwebs and mosquitos.

That evening I called the tree removal company. I told them all the issues we were seeing, basically begging them to be there the next day. They told me there was a storm coming and may be backed up in the next coming days with debris clean up. But they would get to the cottage asap.

Lightening was lighting up the sky persistently. The rain was coming in sideways where it could… I can only imagine how windy it was when not in the thick of a forest. My wife and I watched out the window, watching the tall evergreen swaying over the cottage. I’ve watched that tree before during storms. This time was different, I was now concerned about it falling onto the cottage.


Thankfully we have a generator at the cottage, the power had been out since the evening before. My wife was still shook by the evenings events… A huge branch from the tree above had broken off and landed on the garage section of the roof.

I knew there was the possibility we would be stuck in our situation for a day or two so I tried my best to make sure my wife wasn’t dealing with any external issues. Made her a breakfast on the bbq, fresh coffee and a cozy spot by the window that had the least amount of overgrown bush.

Inspecting the damage of the storm wasn’t as bad as I imagined it being. Thankfully it wasn’t too heavy of a branch. I was hopeful there was little to no infrastructure to manage.

Having an afternoon to myself I had decided to try and take back the overgrown grass. Then I heard the trucks pulling in.

Tree Care


It was around 3:30pm when the tree removal crew showed up. I was elated! They had said possibly a couple days…. Here they were 15 hours post phone call.

When they arrived they walked up to the cottage I could see a few men assessing and coming up with a safe plan. They filled me in with –

  • Which trees were hazardous to the cottage and shed.
  • Bush and tree clearing for the road.
  • Septic and well area stump and tree removal.

It was perfect that they wanted to leave us with zero worry when we were not going to be there.

After we did a “ok”, the company trucks pulled into the yard and began. This tree removal company was prepared with all of their own equipment, fully licensed and insured.

The team got to work promptly with their individual tasks. Some had climbed the trees cutting branches, another in a bucket starting to chainsaw branches off of the huge hovering evergreen they were cutting down. There was bush pruning at the road and surroundings of the cottage, seemed to be a quick job.

Debris was everywhere! I was aware of the plan, my wife… Was not. When she came out to see what all was happening she was flushed. I assured her that the company has machines to mulch up the lumber and branches. Plus, we get to keep larger pieces for firewood.


Once 5:30pm rolled around they had started the removal of the branch on our garage roof. Only minor damage! Our eaves trough and facia were being bent downwards. The plywood and shingles all seemed to be unscathed. Thankful that the company was thorough with their inspection after removing the branch.

4 hours of tree removal and the team was finished. All of our debris was mulched into a pile as I requested. The larger branches were cut down and stacked for firewood.

I was given a tour of the afternoons work. Our road was opened up, accessible to vehicles now. The cottage was visible once in the laneway. All of the bushes were cut back to proper standards. Our septic and well had had 2 trees near them so they were removed, the stumps dug out to prevent root damage. Genius.

The forever entertaining swaying evergreen was now no longer looming over our cottage. We had the stump kept as a reminder, and as a place to put a bird feeder. We needed something to entertain us.. Right?

opinionsMY THOUGHTS?

My dad used to always be a “do it yourself” man, boasting over his victories of manliness. I am not one of those guys, Very happy to call on the professionals. Using this company for Tree Removal and Storm Damage in central Ohio was one of the easiest and best choices I could have made. From inspection to clean up, top notch execution by Humble Roots Tree Care Services.

Mosquitos and Spiders are further from the cottage now, making a happy wife.

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